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On 13th May 2000 a fire broke out in a firework depot in Roombeek, right in the heart of Enschede, leading to an explosion that left 22 people dead, including four firemen and about 947 people injured.

 “Huis van Verhalen” (House of Stories) in Enschede tells the story of a neighbourhood, once the thriving heart of the textile industry, in 2000 destroyed by the firework disaster and since then rebuilt into one of the most diverse architectural areas of Holland.

Our expericienced ambassadors welcome visitors for guided tours with the following themes:

  • General >learn about the history ,the firework disaster and the rebuilding of Roombeek
  • History > emphasis on the industrial heritage being the heart of the textile industry
  • Today > emphasis on the extraordinary architecture of this unique part of Enschede

The complete guided tour through Roombeek takes about 1.5 hours, but can be tailored to needs and preferences. Ample parking is provided nearby.

The House of Stories is a 10 minutes walk from the Rijksmuseum and only 5 minutes from the MuseumFabriek


€ 7,00 p/p, coffee/tea included.
Prices are based on a group of a minimum of 4 persons

Extra to go with your coffee or tea:
* slice of cake – € 0,75
* slice of apple cake – € 1,75
* slice of buttered traditional “Twentse krentenwegge” – € 1,75

For more information, please call us at +31 (0)53 431 6288 or email us at

Huis van Verhalen
Roomweg 165c
7523 BM Enschede
Tel.: +31 (0)53 431 62 88
E-mail: or

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